At Plantclub, we love nothing more than hearing feedback from happy members. We visited the Taxfix office on one of our regular plant care rounds — to chat with employees about their indoor jungle, and to photograph their space.

Taxfix is an app that helps people file their tax returns…

At Plantclub we’re working hard to bring beautiful greenery into Europe’s workplaces. We dropped by the Bonial office, to see how they’re liking the benefits of a green office — and to take some photos of their stunning space.

Bonial is a digital marketing company that connects shoppers with their…

Here at Plantclub, we believe everyone should feel the benefits of a green workplace. We swung by the office, to take some photos of their recently-transformed space and see how they’re enjoying the new office plants.

Since founding 4 years ago, has been supporting companies to improve their…

Working from home has its benefits: more flexibility, savings on travel costs, and you can get away with wearing sweatpants in meetings. But creating a beautiful, calm, and productive workplace isn’t so easy — there’s more to it than just a desk and an ergonomic chair.

Indoor house plants can… provides you and your colleagues with the benefits of plants, wherever you work.

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