At Plantclub, we love nothing more than hearing feedback from happy members. We visited the Taxfix office on one of our regular plant care rounds — to chat with employees about their indoor jungle, and to photograph their space.

Taxfix is an app that helps people file their tax returns — with no expert knowledge needed. Over the past 4 years, they’ve empowered users to reclaim over 420€ million in tax refunds. Free from confusing jargon, their intuitive app makes the complicated business of tax submission accessible to anyone.

The team is already over 250 people strong, and is split…

COVID-19 has reshaped our concept of the workplace. The rise of working from home suits many people, but others are desperate to return to the office. With the recent reintroduction of ‘lockdown light’ measures across Europe — including calls for employees to go back to home office — footfall in office spaces will likely fluctuate over the coming months.

While it’s hard to know how the situation will progress in the next 6 months, one thing is certain — office social distancing will be essential if employees are to return to their companies’ workspaces. …

Every workspace benefits from a touch of greenery, from happier employees to productivity gains — and of course the stunning aesthetics. But creating an indoor jungle can seem out of reach for ground-floor offices and workplaces with little sunlight.

Natural light conditions have a huge impact on mental health and our ability to perform at work — meaning low-light environments are the spaces most in need of plants, and the boost to employee health and wellbeing they bring.

If you’re struggling to find greenery to brighten up the darkest corners, we’re here to help. Low light? No problem! …

At Plantclub we’re working hard to bring beautiful greenery into Europe’s workplaces. We dropped by the Bonial office, to see how they’re liking the benefits of a green office — and to take some photos of their stunning space.

Bonial is a digital marketing company that connects shoppers with their favorite brands and stores. The Bonial International Group comprises 3 brands — kaufDA, MeinProspekt and Bonial. Currently Bonial works with over 1,500 partners across Europe, to offer data-driven marketing services that support retailers in promoting their offers and reaching new customers.

Their team of 300+ are based in Bonial’s Berlin…

Building a strong employer brand is essential to a company’s success. By creating a compelling narrative around a company, employers are more likely to attract the best talent and to keep employees engaged. We spoke to Sarah Briddon — the Employer Brand Lead at Urban Sports Club — who shared her expertize in employer branding strategy.

Sarah started her career working in Music PR and communications. She joined SoundCloud in 2014 as a people and recruitment specialist — gaining experience from these roles that supported her shift into brand strategy. …

Here at Plantclub, we believe everyone should feel the benefits of a green workplace. We swung by the office, to take some photos of their recently-transformed space and see how they’re enjoying the new office plants.

Since founding 4 years ago, has been supporting companies to improve their customer service with artificial intelligence. Using natural language processing, their custom-built algorithm analyzes conversations — in any language — so that chatbots can resolve queries faster and more intelligently.

Their technology frees up support agents from responding to repetitive customer requests and allows up to 70% of chat and email…

Every design choice aims to create a better user experience. But when making decisions about workplace design, often more practical concerns — efficiency, value for money, or how to squeeze in a few extra desks — can overshadow the most important question: Does the space work for the people who use it?

Putting people at the heart of every project is the most important principle in Kasia Luczak’s design practice. After studying fashion, Kasia has worked in product and UX design for digital companies and startups. …

Working from home has its benefits: more flexibility, savings on travel costs, and you can get away with wearing sweatpants in meetings. But creating a beautiful, calm, and productive workplace isn’t so easy — there’s more to it than just a desk and an ergonomic chair.

Indoor house plants can transform your home office into a relaxing, healthy space to work. Adding a touch of greenery not only looks great, but improves air quality and reduces stress — boosting both wellbeing and productivity.

Plants are often listed as one of the most popular at-work perks by employees. At Plantclub, we…

Plants from tropical regions are grown as stunning indoor greenery around the world. From palms to rubber plants, some of the tallest trees can thrive inside as ornamental varieties.

Curious about where your favorite houseplants come from? Take a trip with us through the forests of southern Asia to the coastline of Lord Howe Island, and find out where five tropical office plants call home.

Rubber plant

Let’s start in the forests of India, Myanmar, and Malaysia — home to the rubber plant tree, or Ficus Elastica. Rubber plant leaves are large and glossy, making the ficus tree a top contender for…

desk setup in the home office

When the Corona pandemic closed offices across the globe, many companies were forced to trial large-scale working-from-home experiments. Fast forward a few months and it’s clear that companies can still function when their employees work from outside the office.

Lots of the founders that we spoke to were initially doubtful of how productive WFH could be, but companies have since been surprised by the positive results they’ve seen.

In fact, it’s been so successful that — as restrictions lift and offices reopen — companies such as Shopify and Twitter have announced plans to allow their employees to work from home… provides you and your colleagues with the benefits of plants, wherever you work.

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