Green Workplaces: Donut

We recently paid a visit to one of our new Plantclub members, Donut, to do a spot of maintenance and see how they’re getting on with their greenery. Based in Kreuzberg, Donut has been simplifying cryptocurrency investment since 2018. Their app makes it easy to choose how your money is invested, without any confusing jargon.

They’ve been in their bright, beautiful office space since January 2019. Here we met Donut’s team of 10 people, plus Cooper the dog — who was very keen to help out with taking photos. Another 2 employees work from the US, bringing the total workforce to 12.

Donut works to demystify the world of crypto-investment, empowering anyone to invest in digital assets. They’re committed to simplicity and transparency, as well as customer control over their portfolio.

Talking to Liam, Donut’s Lead Product Designer (and Cooper’s human), he was very happy to have more greenery in the workplace. Liam spoke enthusiastically about being part of Donut’s journey: working in a small, focused team, who always come together to “push for every goal.” They’re currently growing their workforce — check out the available job openings if Donut sounds like the right fit for you.

A self-confessed plant lover, Liam said “every space should have plants” and the office now feels more homely. Donut co-founder and CTO, Jordan Abderrachid, feels having plants in the office has made the workplace environment more relaxed. Far “better than a blank space with no life,” he commented.

With plenty of natural light, Donut’s office is perfect for sun-loving plants from our Greenhouse plan. Our vision for the space was to frame the large windows with lots of hanging baskets, to create a cascading effect and provide some shade. Floor pots were used to separate the desks and the sofa area, to make it nicer to chill out there and take a break from the computer screen.

We brought a touch of life into the blank-walled meeting room with pots on the table and floor and a few plants that prefer low light conditions were added to the bathroom. This space felt quite cold before — but a splash of green has brightened it right up.

So there you have it — an oasis of green makes for happy employees at Donut. If you want to turn your office into a living jungle, get in touch today. provides you and your colleagues with the benefits of plants, wherever you work. Rent office plants and transform your space into a green oasis, with flexible monthly membership options to suit your size. Diversify your employee perks with a dedicated company store, where you can give green gifts and your team can buy plants for their home office. Book a time to chat with us today.

Written & Photographed by Lily Pollock.



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