Office plants: renting vs. buying

You’ve done your research, read up on all the benefits of office plants, and decided to turn your workplace into an oasis of greenery — but you’re not sure how to get started. The first choice you’ll have to make is how to source the plants. Should you rent or buy the office plants?

At a glance, buying may seem easier. You can make a one-time investment and buy office plants online through big retailers such as Amazon and IKEA. And it can’t be too hard to keep them alive… right?

Not necessarily. If you want the right plants for your space, to take the stress out of maintenance, and all the benefits of an ongoing relationship, office plant renting is the smarter option.

Get more for your money by renting

You might be tempted to order office plants online, but shipping office plants isn’t easy — they’re living things that don’t travel well in cardboard boxes. If you order Amazon office plants, prepare to receive damaged goods and make a mess of your office.

Affordable office plants are available to buy from plenty of retailers, but cheap greenery is often low quality. IKEA office plants or those bought from non-specialist retailers can die very quickly, as they haven’t been grown and maintained under optimal conditions. By borrowing plants, the rental service will take care of all the maintenance — so if anything wilts they’ll replace it.

Plant rental prices are much better value than buying everything you need to create an urban jungle, especially if you want to get good office plants. Larger pots and custom installations can be very expensive when buying, particularly for high-density designs. As an added bonus, plant rental services can be claimed against tax — this isn’t possible with the one-time fee for buying plants.

Renting plants instead of buying gives you greater flexibility. Whether you go bust, want to add more plants to your workplace, or need some greenery to be taken off your hands — plant hire has you covered. On top of this, rental services offer additional perks such as plant care workshops and pop-up stores, as well as personalized plants for employee onboarding and anniversaries.

Indoor plant design is included with plant rentals

Choosing indoor office plants that suit your workplace can be a daunting task. Do you pick large planters, desktop pots, or go for a green wall of hanging plants? Natural light levels, ventilation, and other design considerations all come into play.

When buying, office managers spend considerable time researching the right plants for their space. If you get it wrong the plants might not survive, and you’ll have to cover the cost of replacing them. With office plant rental, all of this is handled for you.

By renting, you benefit from bespoke designs that are tailored to your company brand. Rather than a random pot here or there, let experts curate and install a beautiful selection of plants that work with your space. This ensures your workplace sends the right message to employees, investors, and future talent.

Of course when you buy plants for the office you can pay for curation as well, but you’ll have to shell out again if you change location. By opting for plant rental you’ll enjoy a fuller service, with added benefits such as free office moves, so your greenery can grow alongside your company.

Indoor plants need care and maintenance

Plants are living organisms that require varying care and conditions to thrive. When you buy your own greenery, you’ll have to arrange indoor plant care services as well. The additional cost of an office plant watering service and other maintenance fees can quickly rack up.

If you don’t hire someone to water the plants, you’ll have to take care of it yourself. You might be confident in your skills with a watering can — but proper plant care involves more than just remembering to give them a drink every now and then.

There are lots of factors to think about, from temperature and humidity to repotting, fertilizing, and pruning. This is specialist knowledge and should be managed by experts. Rent your office plants and let professionals take care of this business, so you can get on with yours.

Borrow plants and do your bit for the environment

Cut back on waste by renting your office plants and help fight the climate crisis. When buying office plants online, the excessive packaging and carbon emissions of transportation is damaging to the environment.

Office plant renting can turn your workplace into an indoor forest without the environmental cost. If you want to redesign your space or move office — or if you’re simply done with your plants — instead of throwing them away, the rental company will take them off your hands. The plants will be loaned to other spaces once you’ve finished with them, so nothing goes to waste. provides you and your colleagues with the benefits of plants, wherever you work. Rent office plants and transform your space into a green oasis, with flexible monthly membership options to suit your size. Diversify your employee perks with a dedicated company store, where you can give green gifts and your team can buy plants for their home office. Book a time to chat with us today.

Written by Lily Pollock. provides you and your colleagues with the benefits of plants, wherever you work.